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8 weeks to functional healthy ageing in Europe.

AgeWell Europe is an 8-week online program for middle-aged and older adults in Europe, offering tailored exercise classes and health education workshops promoting healthy ageing. Multimodal sessions cover strength, fitness, balance, and flexibility, supported by an on-demand library of resources.


AgeWell Europe

AgeWell Europe is an 8-week online exercise and health education programme specifically designed for middle-aged (40 – 64 years) and older adults (> 65 years) in Europe. It is suitable for middle-aged and older adults of all functional ability, living with or without a range of clinical conditions.

The exercise classes are 40 minutes in duration and are multimodal. This means they include strength, fitness, balance, and flexibility training, which are important for healthy functional ageing.

The health education workshops are 20 minutes in duration and include topics that are relevant to middle-aged and older adults (e.g., the recommended type and amount of exercise for healthy ageing, and special exercise considerations for a range of clinical conditions).

This is supported by an on-demand library of exercise classes, health education workshops, and take-home resources.

AgeWell Pro

AgeWell Pro is a 12-hour ‘Train the Trainer’ course specifically designed for fitness professionals working with middle-aged and older adults.

The purpose of the course is to upskill fitness professionals in clinical exercise physiology, so they are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and supporting resources they need to deliver online and/or in-person multimodal exercise classes incorporating special exercise considerations for clinical conditions, when necessary.

Project Partners

EduFIT Limited (Ireland)
Universität Münster (Germany)
Institut Jozef Stefan (Slovenia)
Istituto Per Servizi Di Ricovero E Assistenza Agli Anziani (Italy)
Anitech Solutions Limited (Ireland)

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