EduFIT Limited (Ireland)

EduFIT is an online health education and functional fitness company in Ireland. Dr Diane Cooper is the CEO of EduFIT and is the project lead of this 'AgeWell Europe' project.

EduFIT are a team of clinical exercise physiologists, sport scientists, nutritionists, exercise instructors and health researchers. They have been designing, implementing and evaluating health education, nutrition and exercise programmes for adults of all ages, functional ability and clinical conditions for almost 20 years.

EduFIT focus on four key activities (i) online health education and multimodal exercise for middle-aged and older adults, (ii) lifestyle programmes for wellness pre, during and post menopause, (iii) 'Train the Trainer' clinical exercise physiology and health education courses, (iv) health research studies with national and international organisations.

Universität Münster (Uni MS), Muenster (Germany)

Universität Münster (Uni MS), founded in 1780, is one of the largest institutions of higher education in Germany with approx. 46,000 students, 600 professors and 4500 researchers. Uni MS is among the top universities within the Excellence of the German federal government.

With approx. 800 PhDs awarded annually, Uni MS is one of the five most important research institutions in Germany. Linking research and teaching, the excellence ranking by the German Centre of Higher Education Development (CHE) has rewarded Uni MS as first-rate place for junior researchers.

Uni MS participates with Institute of Sport and Exercises Sciences (ISES) as part of the faculty of psychology & exercise science. ISES includes 6 departments dealing with education, learning, development & maintenance of individual physical, cognitive & social resources. Targeting preschool children up to seniors, from professional athletes to preventive exercise and daily activity.

Institut Jozef Stefan (Slovenia)

The Jožef Stefan Institute is the leading Slovenian research organisation. It is responsible for a broad spectrum of basic and applied research in the fields of natural sciences and technology.

The staff of 960 specialise in research in physics, chemistry and biochemistry, electronics and information science, nuclear technology, energy utilization, environmental science, and physiology. The Institute has facilities in three locations. The main facilities and the headquarters are on Jamova 39 in Ljubljana, another location is the Institute's Reactor Centre Podgorica located in Dol near Ljubljana.

Finally, the institute has developed a European Space Agency recognised bed rest facility by the Nordic Centre in the Planica Valley, Ratace.

The Jožef Stefan Institute is named after the distinguished 19th century physicist Jožef Stefan, most famous for his work on the Stefan-Bolzmann law of black-body radiation.

Istituto Per Servizi Di Ricovero E Assistenza Agli Anziani (Italy)

I.S.R.A.A. is an Italian public senior care provider based in Treviso whose aim is to promote the highest quality of care and quality of life of older people living in their private home (1000 clients), in nursing home (900 clients), in daily care centre (32 clients) and of the ones living in a smart cohousing venue (60 clients).

The Institute provide also personalized consultancy, training, support and emotional relief to informal carers of older suffering of dementia disease thanks to a dedicated Specialized Dementia Centre.

The Institute has got 742 employees (90 nurses, 500 care workers, 25 psychologists, 20 physical physiotherapists, 14 educational trainers, 12 GPs, 21 care managers, operations support services (22 employees) and an administrative head quarter (40 employees) with total budget/year of 32 Ml€.

All the activities are delivered in a closer collaboration with the Municipality of Treviso and the Local National Health Unit of the Italian National Health System.

Anitech Solutions Limited (Ireland)

Formed in 2006, Anitech Solutions is an I.T. services provider with delivery centres in Dublin, Ireland and Gliwice, Poland.

We work with large enterprise organisations all over the world in the delivery of innovative software solutions, which are predicated on modern Agile and Lean delivery techniques and tooling.

Our team has a proven track record in the design, delivery, and support of large-scale enterprise solutions across a variety of sectors such as education, finance, retail and telecommunications.

In addition to services, we have several product offerings in the Ed-tech, productivity, and enterprise application integration market spaces.